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Marinas offer several functions. These include storage for boats, places for boat owners to rest or refuel while on a trip as well as recreation facilities. Marinas offer different facilities and you can determine your requirement before you choose a marina. You might want space to store your boat when you are not using it. You might prefer wet or dry storage and each option will have varying costs. Many marinas offer club facilities and accommodations which might be of interest to you.

Options in storage

If you live in an area where there are several marinas to choose from, you could opt to check the storage facilities available. You might be looking for storage options that would permit long term storage. You might want to moor your boat on the water or park it on dry land. For those who opt for fishing charters often, it might make sense to sign up for charter membership at a nearby marina.

Recreational options

Nowadays, most boat owners not only look for space to store or moor their boat, but a marina that has clubhouse facilities. This is a major attraction for boat owners. They can be part of a boat owner’s association that offers several benefits to the members. Members can benefit from Western Port Bay fishing charters discounted rentals and other offerings. Many marinas also offer facilities like lounge areas, restaurants and sports courts. These help the many visitors to take up short term accommodation in these places.

Planning a marina stay

If you are taking a boat tour or sail around a few places, you might want to plan to stay at certain marinas at the places you visit. It would be best to plan ahead in these cases. Marinas in many bay areas are listed in online directories. As a result, you can easily call ahead if you are looking for storage space or a parking space for your boat. These arrangements are necessary as most marinas do not allow arbitrary parking or storage for boats without prior booking.

Getting repairs assistance

There is another requirement that many boat owners have at marinas. Boat repairs and maintenance are requirements which come up from time to time. If you are a member of a clubhouse at a marina you would be entitled to repair and maintenance services. In general, marinas usually have repair and maintenance assistance available for boat owners in general. As boat repairs need to be done by the docks or on dry land, the necessary infrastructure set up is also necessary. This is made possible at marinas. For these reasons having a tie up with a nearby marina is necessary for a boat owner.

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