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Holidays and vacations these two words are lost from our lives long time back, there are certain countries where work life balance doesn’t even exists they just don’t know the meaning of it at all. They just work earn and that it the life ends! There is no fun in their life, folks; please don’t make work a life of yours, work is just a part of the life and not the life itself, health, brain relaxing habits and family and so much more there are uncountable things in this world which one can do in order to make things normal in life. Talking about adventure in Newcastle and fun in the life Newcastle is the place of adventure and here quickly we will discuss some top adventurous spots in Newcastle which one can enjoy and make it a memorable experience of life. 

Paintball: the most appealing sport which one can give to oneself is paintball, things can’t be better than this, when one can actually live the fantasy of hitting someone and that someone doesn’t die (in fact he/she will cover in paint completely). One of the most well-known choices for weekends in New Castle is the paintball, just gear up take the gun and shoot the other party with loads of color. One thing which makes it even better, because it can only be played with group of friends on both sides. One has to be with group of friends and the other party should also be there in order to kill you with paints. 

White water rafting: extreme sports work well when one wants something extreme and crazy in life, definitely staying safe is not always the first choice of anybody. Whitewater Rafting and tubing is perfect for getting crazy in a controllable risky environment, one can challenge himself/herself against the waterfall before returning home and enjoying the normal work life.  Again friends, work is just a part of it and not the life itself. 

Quad Biking and Go karting: pertinent to mentioned activates are discussed now, Desert safari is not limited to Dubai only it’s in Newcastle too, just gather with friends and family buy the ticket and race against them, one of the most wanted entertainment in Newcastle in order to kill the weekend time. We all have that one fantasy of racing on a professional track and hit somebody with the car and ruin their race. Imagine now this can be done without getting hurt, try it and feel the experience everlasting. GO Karting with 450 meters of track with some seriously sharp bents some 100 meters straight brawls and duals are available there for everyone, buy the ticket and enjoy the weekend thinking yourself as a racer of GT ford. Its totally safe and even kids (of certain ages) can enjoy this facility too. This holiday plan should be planned only for the New castle to try everything mentioned above. Plan ahead guys work is important but relaxing is even more important. flight-adventure

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